Question: Is Katalon Studio Free?

How good is Katalon studio?

my experience with katalon studio is very good because it is good for testing, and all Web service requests sent in Katalon Studio are stored in the ‘Request History’ …

An excellent visual testing software.

Using Katalon helped me to learn the ropes of automated testing..

What language does Katalon use?

GroovyIt runs on Groovy (Java) scripting language. This solution has a quick setup and a number of pre-installed templates that allow repeating some testing patterns. Katalon Studio is a cross-browser tool that supports Web, mobile, and API testing.

How can I do API testing in Katalon studio?

Creating a new project and setting up API automation testStep 1: Create a new project. … Step 2: Create the first API test. … Step 3: Create a new RESTful endpoint at Object Repository. … Step 4: Create a new test case with an existing request. … Step 5: Add an existing request to a test case.More items…

How do I write a script in Katalon studio?

Step 1: On the main toolbar, go to File > New > Test Case on the main toolbar.Choose a name for the test case, then click OK.Step 2: Switch to Script view after the new test case has been created. … Step 4: Enter a dot character (.) to see all the built-in keywords and their description for Web UI testing.More items…•

Does Katalon use selenium?

Katalon Studio uses the Selenium engine for automated testing of Web applications. This means that Katalon uses the Selenium WebDriver framework and hides the complexities of dealing with WebDriver from users. You don’t have to care about WebDriver but instead work with Katalon keywords only.

Is Katalon studio still free?

Katalon Studio still remains a free product as claimed in our communication messages. Katalon Team will introduce the Katalon Studio Enterprise version along with the original Katalon Studio; but its features and capabilities will be tailored to our Enterprise customers’ needs.

Is Katalon studio better than selenium?

both are good testing tools, Selenium is open for integration with other tools and frameworks to enhance its capability, but Testing teams need to have good background in programming. The Katalon Studio is integrating necessary frameworks and features for fast test cases execution and creation.

Which companies are using Katalon studio?

Companies Currently Using Katalon StudioCompany NameWebsiteTop Level IndustryBAE Systemsbaesystems.comConstructionCognitio Corp.cognitiocorp.comBusiness ServicesEZLynxezlynx.comTechnicalStandard Chartered Banksc.comFinance2 more rows

How do I activate Katalon studio?

Activate Katalon StudioEnter the email and password registered for your Katalon account then click Activate.You are navigated to your own organization, or you can select one of the organizations you belong to in the drop-down list, click OK.You’re recommended to install the plugins for a better experience with Katalon Studio.More items…

How do I install Katalon studio?

Below are the minimum software and hardware requirements for Katalon Studion:Processor: 1 GHz, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)Disk Space: 1 GB available hard disk space.Java Version: JDK 7.