Question: What Is Carl Bot For?

What are the commands for Carl bot?

Managing commandsNameExampleignore [channels…] [commands…]!ignore #general #log #adminsonly “temp home” ping activityignore server!ignore serverignore all [commands…]!ignore all “pc top” pingunignore [channels…] [command…]!unignore #general #log temp ping15 more rows.

Why is dyno bot not working?

Why are some custom commands not working? Make sure that the name does not contain caps and spaces. Try removing then re-adding it. Check if Dyno is missing access to the channel you’re using it in.

How do you get Yagpdb XYZ bot to assign roles?

RolesSimply give the role command a name and then select which role you want the bot to assign to the person.Require role: Requires a person to have a certain role in order for them to give themselves this role.More items…

What does Yagpdb XYZ do?

YAGPDB. xyz is a multi-purpose, widely used Discord bot, among its most prominent features being its self-assigned roles reactions and Reddit and YouTube feeds. It is said to have joined 922,055 servers at time writing, and was developed by programmer Jonas747 over the course of three years.

Is Carl BOT safe?

Carl Bot Carl Bot is brimming with automod functions that make it one of the best moderation bots out there, and it lets you log name changes among people on your server, so you can make sure no one’s up to mischief.

How do I remove Dyno warnings?

To clear a specific warning from a user, use the ? delwarn command. You can use the warning ID to clear a specific warning.

How do you ban someone from Carl bot?

ban <@member/ID> [days=2] [reason] Bans the member from the server. This works even if the member isn’t on the server. If you supply a reason, it will show up in the modlogs and in discord’s built in audit log.

How do I assign a bot to a channel?

At the moment, the only way to restrict bots to one channel only is to manually remove the bot’s chat permissions in each channel that you don’t want it in. The more channels you have in a server, the more tedious it becomes.

How do I Captcha a server with a bot?

Basic Setup Instructions1: Invite Server Captcha Bot.2: Run ! checklist to check what needs to be completed.3: Run ! config to edit and fill in each config field.4: Edit Each Channels Permissions to denying @everyone to viewing while allowing userRole to viewing.5: Setup Complete.

What is the most used discord bot?

Top 10 Best Discord BotsMEE6. MEE6 is the best moderation bot for Discord. … Dank Memer. Dank Memer is the best Discord meme bot. … provides a ticketing system for Discord. … Octave. Octave is one of the most popular music bots for Discord, and with good reason. … IdleRPG. … Arcane. … MedalBot. … Xenon.More items…•

Can Dyno BOT Do reaction roles?

The Autoroles module has two parts to it, Autoroles and Joinable Ranks. Autoroles allows you to make Dyno automatically assign/remove an role after a member joins your server, either immediately or after a specified time has passed.

What is Carl BOT prefix?

Carl-bot’s default prefixes are @Carl-bot#1536 , ! and ?

How do you make a role bot?

Set up MEE6 Reaction Roles to self assign discord rolesLog in with your discord account.Authorize the MEE6 bot to access your account.Select the discord server that you wish to add the MEE6 bot.Click on Plugins and then Click on Reaction Roles.Click Yes to enable the plugin.More items…

How does Yagpdb XYZ work?

The setup for YAGPDB is pretty simple….SetupGo to​Click on Login.Authorize YAGPDB. xyz to know what servers you are on.On the upper-right-corner, you can select your server by clicking on Select a server and selecting the server you want to add the bot to and manage.

What does Carl bot do in discord?

Meet Carlbot Carlbot does what the most popular bots do but does it better, faster, and without the meme commands that spam and annoy you. Carlbot has been used to reduce the number of bots needed in a server from 3 to 4 or more… to just 1.

How do you add color to Chan?

You can use color add to add colors to your list. Click here or here for more info on the color codes. Use color list to see all the colors that are in your server. Use color = colorName to change your color!