Quick Answer: Is TWD Still Good?

Is Breaking Bad worth watching?

It’s a good show.

I don’t think as highly of it as many other people do, but it’s worth watching.

It’s pretty slow to be honest, but the acting is really spectacular and the story and writing is also fantastic.

If you have the time and willpower to sit through it, you probably won’t be disappointed..

Is The Walking Dead scary?

Halloween may be over, but the spooky season never ends for fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead. For over ten years now, the flagship series has been terrifying and riveting audiences with its gory take on life in a zombie apocalypse.

Is michonne going to die?

First of all, let’s start here: Michonne does not die in the comics. She’s a key player in the series finale, helping an adult Carl Grimes out of a legal jam. … Andrea dies in bed with Rick at her side, and eventually rises from the grave as a walker, forcing her husband to put her down.

Is Rick coming back to The Walking Dead 2020?

Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) bowed out of The Walking Dead in rather dramatic fashion back in the fifth episode of season nine. And while the TWD stalwart hasn’t been seen since and his whereabouts remain unknown, fans will be all too aware he is alive and due to return in a series of spin-off movies.

Is TWD over for good?

Zombie TV drama The Walking Dead is to finish in 2022 with an extended 24-episode season, US TV network AMC has said. The series, which started in 2010 and will have run for 11 seasons, is not disappearing entirely, though.

Is The Walking Dead worth watching again?

The Walking Dead, despite its flaws has had a new breath of life given to it (no pun intended) that is worth a watch. This is in no small part to the chance in showrunner for the series between season 8 and 9 Angela Kang. … Perhaps under its new showrunner, the series can reach the heights it once knew of once again.

Is Lost worth watching?

The series is never as incredible as it was in the first season, and there are chunks of the second and third seasons that could be cut out without losing anything, in terms of the overall plot and character arcs. But, overall, it is definitely worth watching; in fact, I’d recommend watching it twice.

How much do Walking Dead extras get paid?

She told Walking Dead fans that she was on set for two days and earned about $600, plus a bonus at the end of the year. Another extra told Reddit users in 2014 that the base pay for zombie extras was $64 dollars for eight hours of work, plus more if you were featured or did a stunt.

Does anyone watch the walking dead?

He said that “The Walking Dead” is retaining enough viewers to remain viable because fans want to see which characters will make it to the final episode, even if that means watching a show that they say is offering diminishing returns. “Rick Grimes is gone, Carl is dead, Glenn is dead,” he said.

Has the walking dead jumped the shark?

The show has been jumping the shark ever since. Season 4 of ‘Fear The Walking Dead. ‘ The Vulures were the first new villains under the new showrunners.

There’s also the fact that even under 3 million, The Walking Dead is still the highest rated show on AMC. Better Call Saul, for all its critical praise, barely gets over a million viewers in season 5 now.

Is the walking dead boring?

‘The Walking Dead’ continues to be the most boring show on television. … The biggest issue I had with the show is there is literally no end-game. They’ve had a season of trying to get to the CDC. They’ve had a season of trying to find safety and failing partly because the people they found safety with were crazy.