Quick Answer: What Does A Right Obtuse Triangle Look Like?

Why can a triangle only have one right angle?

A triangle can’t have 2 angles with measures of 90 degrees or more, since the measures of the interior angles of a triangle add to 180.

Thus in any triangle, at most 1 angle has measure 90 or more, and the other two angles have to be acute..

What is the maximum number of right angles a triangle can have?

Explanation: A triangle has 180o as the sum of all its internal angles, no more, no less. If one angle is 90o , then you can have two 45o angles, one 30o and a 60o , an 81o and a 9o – pretty much any combination of numbers adding up to 90 to make the total 90+90=180 .

Does a triangle have right angles?

Right triangles have one right angle. Right angles are 90 degrees, and marked with a small square in the corner that forms the angle.

Can a triangle have both an acute and right angle?

Question 945360: A triangle cannot have both an acute angle and a right angle? In a right triangle, BOTH of the other angles MUST be acute. An obtuse angle (greater than 90 degrees) would make the sum of the angles greater than 180 degrees, which is impossible.

Can a triangle only have one obtuse or right angle?

No, a triangle cannot have an obtuse and a right angle.

How many vertices does a obtuse triangle have?

9 verticesThe triangle ABC is obtuse if and only if A, B, and C all lie on some arc which is less than a semicircle (i.e., encompasses fewer than 9 vertices of the polygon). This is the same as saying that two of the three numbers add up to less than 9, which is equivalent to the third number being greater than 9.

Can an acute triangle be a right triangle?

In a right triangle, one of the angles is a right angle—an angle of 90 degrees. A right triangle may be isosceles or scalene. … In an acute triangle, all angles are less than right angles—each one is less than 90 degrees. An acute triangle may be equilateral, isosceles, or scalene.

What does a obtuse triangle look like?

An obtuse-angled triangle is a triangle in which one of the interior angles measures more than 90° degrees. In an obtuse triangle, if one angle measures more than 90°, then the sum of the remaining two angles is less than 90°. Here, the triangle ABC is an obtuse triangle, as ∠A measures more than 90 degrees.

What is a right obtuse triangle?

A right triangle has one angle that’s 90° and a corner that looks like an L. Obtuse triangles have one angle that’s greater than 90°. In acute triangles, all the angles are less than 90°.

What are the sides of an acute triangle?

Any triangle in which the Euler line is parallel to one side is an acute triangle. Acute triangles can be isosceles, equilateral, or scalene. The longest side of an acute triangle is opposite the largest angle.

How many right angles does an obtuse triangle have?

There cannot be any right angles in an obtuse triangle.

Can a triangle have two right angles?

Answer and Explanation: Because of the fact that the sum of the three interior angles of a triangle must be 180 degrees, a triangle could not have two right angles.

Is a right obtuse triangle possible?

A right triangle cannot be obtuse because of the sizes of the angles therein. Any triangle has three sides, three angles, and three angles that equal…

What are the sides of an obtuse triangle?

Obtuse Angled Triangle Properties The side opposite to the obtuse angle is the longest side of the triangle. An obtuse triangle will have one and only one obtuse angle. The other two angles are acute angles.

How do you find the longest side of an obtuse triangle?

The side opposite the obtuse angle for an obtuse triangle is the longest side of the triangle. The greater the angle, the longer the side opposite it. Conversely, the longer the side, the greater the angle opposite it.

How do you know if a triangle is acute obtuse or right?

An acute triangle has three angles that each measure less than 90 degrees. An obtuse triangle is a triangle with one angle that is greater than 90 degrees. A right triangle is a triangle with one 90 degree angle.

How do you classify a triangle by its side lengths?

Equilateral triangle: A triangle with three sides of equal length. Isosceles triangle: A triangle with at least two sides of equal length. Line of symmetry: A line through a figure that creates two halves that match exactly. Obtuse angle: An angle with a measure greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.

Can 1 acute and 2 obtuse form a triangle?

Since a triangle’s angles must sum to 180° in Euclidean geometry, no Euclidean triangle can have more than one obtuse angle. Acute and obtuse triangles are the two different types of oblique triangles — triangles that are not right triangles because they have no 90° angle.