Quick Answer: What Is Choke Oil?

What is a kill line on a drilling rig?

A high-pressure pipe leading from an outlet on the BOP stack to the high-pressure rig pumps.

During normal well control operations, kill fluid is pumped through the drillstring and annular fluid is taken out of the well through the choke line to the choke, which drops the fluid pressure to atmospheric pressure..

What choke means?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to check or block normal breathing of by compressing or obstructing the trachea or by poisoning or adulterating available air The unwary guard was choked to death by a prisoner.

What is a wellhead choke used for?

Wellhead chokes are used to limit production rates for regulations, protect surface equipment from slugging, avoid sand problems due to high drawdown, and control flow rate to avoid water or gas coning. Two types of wellhead chokes are used. They are (1) positive (fixed) chokes and (2) adjustable chokes.

What is a positive choke?

A choke in which the orifice size must be changed to change the rate of flow through the choke. See choke and orifice. Back to Glossary.

How can you tell if a person is choking?

How to Recognize Signs of Choking in Someone ElseUniversal Sign of Distress. This is when someone has wide eyes and is clutching their throat with one or both hands.Gagging. … Coughing. … Wheezing. … Watery eyes.Red face.Inability to talk at all or at full volume.Panicked or distressed behaviour.

How do you do a choke drill?

Choke Drill Steps are listed below:Trip in hole above top of cement.Fill the pipe and circulate seawater or mud around for few minutes.Close annular preventer or upper rams preventer.Pressure up annulus to 200 psi (the pressure may be different depending on the company policy.)Line up the pump.More items…•

How does a wellhead choke valve work?

A wellhead choke controls the surface pressure and production rate from a well. Chokes usually are selected so that fluctuations in the line pressure downstream of the choke have no effect on the production rate. … Under critical flow conditions, the flow rate is a function of the upstream or tubing pressure only.

What is a drilling choke?

An arrangement of piping and special valves, called chokes. In drilling, mud is circulated through a choke manifold when the blowout preventers are closed; a choke manifold is also used to control the pressures encountered during a kick. … See Choke, Blowout preventer.

How do I stop choking?

Preventing choking around your home: tipsTry to keep small objects out of reach. Curiosity leads children to put unusual things into their mouths. … Always follow the age recommendations on toys. … Avoid buying toys with button batteries. … Keep toys for small children and older siblings in separate boxes.

What is choke size?

A choke tube also determines to some extent the shotgun’s effective range. The tighter the constriction of the tube, the farther the range. For example, a full choke is most effective at 40 to 50 yards; an improved cylinder is most effective from 20 to 35 yards.

How does a choke work?

By restricting the flow of air into the throat of the carburetor, the choke valve reduces the pressure inside the throat, which causes a proportionally-greater amount of fuel to be pushed from the main jet into the combustion chamber during cold-running operation.

What is the function of choke valve?

Choke valve duty is to reduce/regulate well pressure/flow fluctuations to platform design pressure and crude flow. Due to this function pressure after choke is reduced from reservoir flowing pressure to platform operating pressure.