Quick Answer: What Number Do I Call To Activate My GreenDot Card?

How do I contact Green Dot by phone?

Contact Green Dot Bank by calling (866) 795-7597 or the number on the back of your Card, by mail at P.O.

Box 5100, Pasadena, California 91117, or visit greendot.com..

How do I verify my identity with Green Dot?

To verify your identity with Green Dot, go here, enter your 16-digit card number, expiration date and the 3-digit security code on the back of your card and click “Start Verification”. Select “US” as the ID issuing country and select the ID type. Take a picture of the ID using your mobile phone or webcam.

Can I use my temporary green dot card?

Your Temporary Card has no ATM access. Prior to using the Temporary Card, you must register it, either by going online to the website address on the back of your Card or by calling 1-866-785-6963. You must have your Temporary Card when you call to register or for any refunds.

What bank is green dot associated with?

GoBank is a brand and trademark of Green Dot Bank , Member FDIC, which also operates under the brands Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank .

How do I activate my Green Dot Visa card without Social Security?

You cannot register a temporary Green Dot card without providing your SSN. With a temporary card, you can only spend the funds available on it. It cannot be reloaded and has no PIN or ATM access. If you don’t provide your SSN, you won’t receive a personalized card.

How do I activate my green dot card?

You can activate your Green Dot card online here. You will need to provide the card number, the security code from the back of your card, the expiration date and the last four digits of your social security number. You will also have to select a four-digit PIN.

Do you have to activate a GreenDot card?

No, for security reasons you’ll need to register your personalized card using the Green Dot app or online at www.GreenDot.com/Register. Some merchants or services require a card number and some require an account number to make a single transaction or automatic monthly payments.

How do I activate my Visa debit card?

Go to the bank’s website, sign in, and click on the “Customer Service” tab. Then, find the option for debit card activation and follow the prompts. Visit your bank to get your card activated in person. You can visit the closest branch of your bank to get your card activated.

How do I get my green dot PIN number?

Getting your PIN online is faster and easier than calling. If you need to contact a live person in Green Dot Customer Service, you need to dial 866-795-7597. In the first menu, press 5. After that, the automated phone system will ask you to enter your card number or SSN.

Where is the PIN number on a green dot card?

To change your Green Dot PIN, you need to call the number on the back of your card. You will be asked some security questions, as well as personal information like name, address, birthday and social security number. After that, you will have to punch in your new PIN.

Is Green Dot a credit card?

The Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card is a secured credit card, meaning that cardholders have to put down a refundable security deposit. … That’s why a secured card can help you build credit, while a prepaid card does not.

How can I activate my debit card without a social security number?

An American debit card doesn’t need a social security to activate. It needs to be activated from the home phone number of the account owner. The social security number is needed to open the account in the first place due to tax requirements.

Can I get a prepaid card without a social security number?

You can get a prepaid debit card without a social security number. … While it’s possible to get a prepaid card without a social security number, those with a social security number can only get “temporary” or non-reloadable prepaid cards without handing over their SSN.

Why can’t I activate my GreenDot card?

If you can’t activate your Green Dot card, you should contact customer service at (866) 795-7597.

Why do I have to give my Social Security number to green dot?

Green Dot then states “A Social Security Number is required to get a reloadable Personalized Card with ATM access.” Next was space to enter the SSN. … If you do not have a Social Security Number or do not wish to provide it, you can continue with the registration of only your Temporary Card.

How do I speak to someone at Moneypak?

To talk to a live person regarding your Moneypak card you can dial (866) 795-7597 phone number.

How can I activate my prepaid card without SSN?

Over the PhoneCall (866) 387-7363 and select “activate new card” from the menu options.When prompted, provide the number on the front of the card and the three-digit security number on the back of the card.A customer service representative will ask for some identifying information.

How long does it take to activate a green dot card?

Your temporary Green Dot card will work until you receive your personalized card and activate it. That being said, if it has been two weeks since you registered and you haven’t received your personalized card yet, you should call customer service at (866) 795-7597.

How do I talk to a live person at Green Dot?

Contact MoneyPak Product Support Team For assistance with common issues, MoneyPak customers can call (866) 795-7969. This number will take you to an automated interactive voice response system, which can give information on common MoneyPak issues.