Quick Answer: Why Did Rick Make Carol Leave?

Why did Rick kick Carol out?

The episode is seen as a transitional stage for the development of Carol, having become cold and making difficult decisions to survive, ultimately causing Rick to feel unsafe and thus, he exiles her..

Why does Carol leave Ezekiel?

However, when Henry was killed by the Whisperers at the Kingdom’s fair, Carol and Ezekiel’s relationship suffered. She began to pull away from Ezekiel in the months following. When the Kingdom fell and they had to relocate to the Hilltop, Carol chose to end their marriage and live at Alexandria without King Ezekiel.

Why was Carol exiled?

The last time Carol left on The Walking Dead, Rick made her leave. She found out she could survive on her own. The reason she was forced to leave was that she had killed because she was trying to save the people she loved from the flu that was spreading throughout the prison.

Does Judith die in The Walking Dead?

AliveJudith Grimes/Status

Why did Lizzie feed the walkers?

Lizzie is about to feed herself to the walker to change and make everyone understand, when both she and Mika are forced to run after walkers burned badly in a fire begin coming toward them. … “Don’t worry,” Lizzie told a horrified Carol and Tyreese. “She’ll come back. I didn’t hurt her brain.”

What’s wrong with King Ezekiel?

While Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” revolved heavily around Negan’s escape from Alexandria, it also made one huge, unexpected reveal. Ezekiel tells Siddiq he has thyroid cancer, showing him a huge mass on his neck. “A month. It’s grown since then,” Ezekiel says of how long the mass has been growing.

Did carol leave Ezekiel?

A majority of the finale became centered around Carol and Ezekiel’s crumbling relationship after the death of their adopted son, Henry. In a bit of a surprise, Carol took off her wedding ring and left King Ezekiel to go back to Alexandria with her longtime friends Michonne and Daryl.

Does Rick let Tyrese stay?

When Rick asks him how the journey to Terminus went he replies ‘it killed me’. Rick tells him that it didn’t. He stays behind with his sister when the group splits up, choosing to remain at the church.

Who killed Carol in The Walking Dead?

Carol Peletier was nearly killed off in The Walking Dead season 3 instead of Theodore Douglas, better known to fans as “T-Dog” – and here’s why. Melissa McBride has played Carol since the AMC hit series launched in 2010.

Did Lori Love Rick or Shane?

Lori is definitely having problems with the fact that she has feelings for Shane. She definitely loves Rick and possibly has stronger feelings for him but this is a guy who very much part of their family before apocalypse and was pretty much all that was left.

How did Rick know Carol killed Karen?

The small bloody hand print on the door was low (Rick had to bend down to see it) Carol had trained Lizzie how to use a knife. Lizzie treated walkers as friends (e.g. she had named one ‘Nick’) and was upset about the group killing walkers at the fence. She saw Karen and David killing walkers there (possible motive).

Does Carol ever tell tyreese?

Carol finally told Tyreese that she killed Karen. She gave Tyreese the option to kill her, handing him her gun. … Carol felt like if Tyreese is the person that she has come to know — he has seen what they’ve just been through — then he’s not going to kill her.

Does Carol marry Ezekiel?

Season 9. Carol continues to reside in the Kingdom and is in a relationship with Ezekiel. After he proposes, Carol decides to take time away from the Kingdom as the new leader of the Sanctuary. … Six years later, in “Who Are You Now?,” Carol is married to Ezekiel and raising Henry with him.

Is Daryl going to die?

Daryl isn’t from ‘The Walking Dead’ comics. There isn’t a character based on him or any kind of plan for showrunner Angela Kang to stick to in regard to his character. So if the writers decide that the best move for the show is to get rid of him, he isn’t alive in the comics and it could totally happen.

Did Carol really burn the bodies?

But in the cases of Karen and David, Carol was a much more dangerous presence than any sickness. In a scene that went unseen on the show, Carol took it upon herself to play the quarantine area’s judge, jury and executioner, and she dragged Karen and David’s infected bodies out into the courtyard and burned them.