What Is The Name Of The Blue Troll?

Why did Creek betray the trolls?

The Trolls stole the gem but found the gem empty.

Just then, Chef appeared and trapped them, and Creek was revealed to have betrayed his fellow Trolls to save himself from being eaten after being strangled by Branch..

What is the name of the purple troll?

GiantNameTalentBodyBiggieSwimming DanceBlueGarlandTrampolineTurquoiseBernDJGreenVioletScrapbookPurple

What is the name of the rock and roll troll?

RiffKaran Soni as Riff, a Hard Rock Troll and Barb’s laid back drummer. Anderson Paak as Prince D, the cool Prince of the Funk Trolls who is part Hip-Hop and Cooper’s twin brother.

Who is the yellow troll with blue hair?

SmidgeSmidge is a supporting character in Trolls, having appeared throughout the franchise ever since. She’s a member of The Snack Pack.

Why is Branch’s hair black again?

Notice that they kept his bright blue skintone but changed his hair to black again. … I think they chose to differentiate Branch from the rest of the trolls by reverting him back to black hair so that there would be more color options for the other trolls while keeping Branch unique from all the other Pop trolls.

Who is the rock troll?

Rachel Bloom plays Queen Barb in Trolls World Tour, the new leader of the Rock Trolls, hellbent on crusading against the six lands and establishing rock as the only musical genre.

Who is the big blue troll?

Smidge is fiercely loyal to Poppy. She’s also one of the strongest Trolls and can pump major iron with her bright blue hair. An enigma wrapped in a riddle, Fuzzbert is a Troll that’s made entirely of hair – only his two feet are visible beneath a tuft of bright green Troll hair.

What does a troll mean?

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts flame wars or intentionally upsets people on the Internet by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional …

Who is the blue girl troll?

MaddyIn most Trolls-related media Maddy is a light blue-skinned Troll with darker blue hair and nose. She has an unique, fancy-looking hairstyle compared to most other Trolls. She wears a white dress and a pink belt with a pouch that carries hairstyling tools.

Is smidge a girl Troll?

Smidge (Kevin Michael Richardson), a small female Troll with a masculine voice and one of Poppy’s friends.

Who is the pink troll?

PoppyPoppy. Poppy is the hero of the film. She’s an upbeat ball of pink hair. As the daughter of the Troll King, King Peppy, it’s up her and her pals to save the day from the evil Bergens.

Is Mr Dinkles a troll?

Biggie has most normal Troll abilities and the abilities of his Tribe, but Mr. Dinkles is just a worm.

Who is the bad troll in trolls?

Creek’s catchphrase Boop! Creek is the hidden secondary antagonist of Trolls, and a recurring character in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! and Trolls: TrollsTopia. He’s a former member of The Snack Pack, owed to the events of Trolls and replaced by Branch shortly after the film.

What are big trolls called?

BiggieJames Corden as Biggie, a large, friendly Troll and one of Poppy’s friends. Jeffrey Tambor as King Peppy, the King of the Trolls and Poppy’s father who once led his people to freedom from the Bergens. John Cleese as King Gristle Sr., the King of the Bergens at the start of the film and Gristle Jr’s father.

Who is the troll with no face?

FuzzbertFuzzbert is a Troll lacking a head, torso and arms. He has green hair and orange feet. He stands shorter than most other Trolls. He has the same appearance as in Trolls.

What kind of troll is Cooper?

Funk trollCooper is a Funk troll and a supporting character from the movie Trolls and Trolls World Tour. He is voiced by Ron Funches.

Is Branch in love with Poppy?

When the song ends, Poppy and Branch make up. Branch finally confesses he loves her, with her saying she loves him back, making them an official couple at last.