What Makes A Good Helpdesk?

How can I be a better help desk support?

10 Qualities Help Desk Technicians Must PossessPut Customers First: The best help desk technicians put end users first, always.

Have Business Awareness: To be a successful help desk technician, you must have business awareness.

Be Empathetic: Empathy is hands down more important than technical help desk skills.More items…•.

How do you run an effective help desk?

5 Tips To Run A User-Friendly IT Service DeskListen to customer needs. Put customer (end-user) needs first. … Have clear, scalable human-centric processes. IT service desk processes need to be documented. … Provide useful self-service tools. Self-serve is useful, to a point. … Deploy fit-for-purpose technology. … Keep learning, keep improving.

What do help desk jobs pay?

IT Help Desk SalariesJob TitleSalaryPlus-IT IT Help Desk salaries – 1 salaries reportedA$0/yrJetstar Airways Help Desk Operator salaries – 3 salaries reportedA$47,679/yrCBRE Help Desk Support salaries – 2 salaries reportedA$0/yr17 more rows

How long should I stay in help desk?

two to three yearsThe general rule of thumb is that two to three years is probably the longest you want to be in a helpdesk role if you plan on moving up into a more specialized field. That is assuming that you are using such a position as a stepping stone.

What does help desk mean?

information and supportA help desk is a resource intended to provide the customer or end user with information and support related to a company’s or institution’s products and services.

Are Help Desk jobs good?

Quite frequently, rewarding IT careers start on the help desk. The support field is booming as companies continue to expand their operations and invest in technology to fuel this growth. … But more important, a help desk job can put you in a good position for future growth.

What makes a good IT service desk?

An efficient service desk should be able to report how long on average it takes to start working on service request from when they’ve been submitted, and how long it takes to resolve. Escalated issues that require higher technical abilities should have its own process and group of engineers.

What does it help desk support do?

IT Help Desk is essentially the department that provides assistance with an issue. … Other names for this department include Customer Support Center, IT Solutions Center, Resource Center, IT Response Center, Information Center, Technical Support Center, or other variations, but all are essentially IT Help Desk.

How do you manage a helpdesk?

The keys to excellent internal help desk managementCreate a service catalogue. … Offer a knowledge base or self-service portal. … Develop a culture of helping within the help desk. … Hire good employees to retain great employees. … Build a workflow that tracks issues end-to-end.

Does it help desk?

A help desk is a resource intended to provide the customer or internal user with information and support related to a company’s processes, products and services. The purpose of a help desk is to provide a centralized resource to answer questions, troubleshoot problems and facilitate solutions to known problems.

How do I set up helpdesk?

How to Set Up Your Help Desk in 5 StepsDecide What Support Your Desk will Deliver. … Determine Your Help Desk’s Staffing Needs. … Define Your Priorities. … Create Canned Responses or Knowledge Base. … Track & Improve on Key Metrics. … Utilize Help Desk Software. … Pay Attention to Features & Ticket Assignment Rules.More items…•